The Infinite Wealth Trilogy

The Infinite Wealth Trilogy

The Infinite Wealth Trilogy


If you aren’t yet getting the results that you want in life, you are in the right place because I’d love to introduce you to an exciting new resource that I’ve discovered. This trilogy describes how to become a millionaire straight from the mind of a millionaire. His story and secrets of success are laid out for you within the books. I first read this trilogy in paperback and found it to be enlightening and inspiring. 

I remember when they first arrived at my door and I couldn’t wait to dig into them. In fact, I was tempted to blow off the rest of my day and just curl up for a good read.

The good news for you is that the trilogy is now available on Amazon in the Kindle versions for the first time, so you can get them, start reading instantly and begin to change your life. They also come with some pretty cool and free bonus material.

The trilogy about which I speak is the Infinite Wealth Trilogy.  This series is packed with information that you can use to re-frame the way you think about wealth and create the financial freedom you so richly deserve.  In fact, Paul Counsel gives you the tools you need to get results in any area of your life that is lacking.  In this series, the author takes you on his journey to financial freedom so that you can follow suit.

LookInside-lg POWIn volume 1 of the series, The Psychology of Wealth, you will learn how Paul Counsel went from being a poor, struggling potter to millionaire in 4 years.  His story is very inspiring especially because he had to figure it all out himself.

He had a number of hurdles to overcome as we all do, but he didn’t let that stop him from the single-minded purpose of figuring out how to secure his future.

Paul was born in the Australian outback to profoundly deaf parents which impacted his early days in school. It meant that his first language was not what others were using but rather the sign language he had used to communicate with his parents and family.

Since creating his financial freedom, Paul has been passionate about mentoring others (for about 15 years now) to create their own financial freedom, something he believes everyone should be doing.  In The Psychology of Wealth, Paul dispels common myths and shatters  the conventional wisdom that keeps you poor. 

He is passionate about his message and wants you to ‘get’ that poor thinking will keep you poor. He guides you in the direction to finding better answers that are available to you. It truly is about the psychology of wealth and overcoming the blocks the you have to creating your own success story.

To read more about Paul’s success story, check out the 2nd and 3rd books in the Infinite Wealth Trilogy.